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Welcome to round two of the 2021 FIA European Rally Championship, Rally Liepāja and to a feast of live action.
There will be live coverage, including from the ERC’s camera in the sky, plus expert commentary and analysis from Julian Porter and Chris Rawes, on Facebook and YouTube of the following:
Pre-event press conference/selection of starting positions: 20h20, Thursday July 1 on Facebook and YouTube

SS1: SC Grupa/Euorvia (Mundingciems), from 12h00, Friday July 2 on Facebook and YouTube
SS5: Sixt rent a car (Laidze), from 15h40, Friday July 2 on Facebook and YouTube
SS7: Neste 1 (Paplaka), from 09h00, Saturday July 3 on Facebook and YouTube
SS12: Liepāja 2 (Vecspils), from 15h25, Saturday July 3 on Facebook and YouTube

All times above are local (CET +1)

Следить за выступлением Коляна в WRC2: https://www.wrc.com/en/wrcplus/all-live/

Thursday, July 01, 2021, 19:38

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